Link zoom 21 October 2021

Topic: Summer Camp (Pencak Silat)
Time: Oct 21, 2021 12:30 pm GMT+7

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Link zoom 22 October 2021

Topic: Summer Camp (Poco Poco)
Time: Oct 22, 2021 12:30 pm GMT+7

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Summer Camp?

What is Summer Camp on Indonesian Sports 2021?
Summer Camp on Indonesian Sports 2021 marks the launch of the CARE Program organized by the Faculty of Sports Science, Universitas Negeri Malang. This first summer camp will introduce Indonesian sports, namely Pencak Silat and Poco Poco Gymnastics. These sports originated from Indonesia. Pencak Silat is Indonesian martial art, meanwhile, Poco Poco is a combination of gymnastics and line dance originated from Maluku, Indonesia.
During the Summer Camp on Indonesian Sports 2021, participants will be able to learn the history, styles, techniques, and the movements of Pencak Silat and Poco Poco Gymnastics. This summer Camp is a non-degree short course for foreign students. This course can be attended by all foreign students from all countries who are interested in exploring Pencak Silatand Poco Poco Gymnastics. The participants will learn virtually the ins and outs of these Indonesian sports.
Summer Camp 2021 will be held from 20 to 21 October 2021. All lectures and activities will be conducted online with a duration of 3-4 hours per day. Participants will receive a non-degree certificate after participating in this activity as a form of appreciation from the organizers to all participants.

Theme of Summer Camp on Indonesian Sports 2021

Summer Camp on Indonesian Sports: Uncovering Pencak Silat and Poco Poco

Am I Eligible for the Program?

Students from all overseas universities can apply. If you are an undergraduate student, between the ages of 18 to 28 years old, proficient in English, and strongly interested in Sports, then you are eligible to participate.

Meet the Instructor

Kurniati Rahayuni, S.Psi., M.Psi., Ph.D
Ms. Rahayuni is a lecturer in sport psychology, developmental psychology on coaching and physical education setting, theory and practice of Pencak Silat (Indonesian Martial Art) and a researcher in cultural sport psychology, sports, exercise and health.

Dr. Surya Adi Saputra, S.Pd., M.Pd., AIFO
Dr. Saputra is an expert, a researcher, and a lecturer in movement development, movement learning, motor learning, and gymnastic learning.

How to Get Scholarship for the Program?

The Faculty of Sports Science Universitas Negeri Malang will grant scholarships to all participants in Summer Camp on Indonesian Sports 2021. There will be special prizes for the best participant


Session 1, 21 October 2021: Opening Ceremony, Virtual Campus Tour, Workshop on Pencak Silat
Session 2, 22 October 2021: Workshop on Senam Poco-Poco; Closing Ceremony
Each session will start at 01:00 pm to 05:00 pm GMT+7.

How to Register?


Welcome participants!

Summer may be over in your country, but things are getting hotter here as we are ready to welcome you to move, have fun, and sweat together at the upcoming virtual summer camp. Prepare yourself!

Program book

We are getting closer to the virtual summer camp. Please find and download the Program Book below.


Here are several videos that you can watch and learn prior to the virtual summer camp. There are seven videos showing jurus Pencak Silat (The stances of Pencak Silat) and a video showing the Poco Poco gymnastic movement.

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